Hi, I'm Valeria and I'm a neapolitan Graphic and Visual Designer. Since 2013, I dedicate total passion and dedition to my job. Design is my only belief, I am madly in love with my job. I spend most of my days absorbing inspiration from the world around me.


Growing up in the studio of my father, a craftsman and a painter by profession, I have always been close to the creative disciplines before graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, in Graphic Design.


I am satisfied with my ability to adapt to any work environment and proud to easily undertake requests of different varieties and understand the needs of the customer, transforming any request into projects that are concrete, characterized by good sense of taste.


Expert in the aspects and

graphic-communicative elements that determine the visual perception and reputation of a brand.


Specialized in visual design and corporate image care, developing visual materials to create an experience.


I offer people advice on their online and offline presence, studying the reference market and analyzing the competition.

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